Smoked Habanero Grilled Chicken

The hubby found this delicious Smoked Habanero brine at Whole Foods the other day.

According to Sweetwater Spice Company, "brines are the perfect preparation for grilling...because brining prevents overcooking – ensuring that the final product is moist and flavorful, something a sauce cannot do." - oh boy, were they right! 

Yum! It was easy to prepare too:

  1. Place meat in a plastic bag or re-sealable container.
  2. Shake bottle well, pour over meat, then add equal parts water (approx 1/2 cup of BBQ bath & 1/2 cup of water per lb of meat).
  3. Squeeze excess air out bag, let meat soak in BBQ bath (30 min - 1 hour, depending on meat and cut) - make sure it is completely submerged in bath.
  4. Drain the brine and you're ready to cook!
Sweetwater Spice Company knows what they are talking about! I can't wait to try another flavor - maybe lime jalapeno? 

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