1st Time Grilling

Our grill finally arrived and we couldn't wait to make a delicious dinner. We had a bit of a rough start getting it to light for the first time.

Wifey: "What do you mean it's not lighting?"
Hubby: "It's not lighting!"
Wifey: "Well, turn the gas off and back up - I don't want you to blow up."
Hubby: "It's fine, the fumes are spreading around."
Wifey: "Great. Did you read the instructions?"
Hubby: "I don't need instructions - I know how to grill! The grill is broken!"
Wifey: "It got amazing reviews on amazon - I doubt it's broken. Let me see..."
Hubby: "I'm telling you - it's broken. I will call Weber first thing in the morning."
Wifey: "The morning? I want grilled chicken tonight."
Hubby: "Then you fix it."
Wifey: "Uhmmmm...the grill is hot and the burners are lit."
Hubby: "Oh, I didn't see any gas coming out."

Ha! We finally ended up having delicious grilled chicken and asparagus for dinner. :) Many more grilling adventures to come...

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