Post Wedding Haircut

It seems a lot of brides can't wait to give their hair a healthy chop-chop after the wedding day. After months of keeping mine longer than normal, highlights, and up-do's...I am in a for a generous cut!

Below is the only picture from our honeymoon where I was brave enough to wear my hair down. Sad. :(

I have been loving Jennifer Aniston's new hair style.

After seeing her in July issue of Marie Claire, I am going for it. So excited! :)

Did you have a drastic post wedding day haircut?


  1. Krystal,
    I know you've visited my blog before, but this was my first chance popping over. SO glad I did. I love that you're a newlywed and I just finished watchng your adorable video that was posted on Style Me Pretty and all the gorgeous pictures. YOU are gorgeous and made such a beautiful bride. What in the world were those cool things that were lit and sent into the air....miniature hot air balloons?!

    Love your hair --- don't go too drastic! :) And, you will have so much to blog about this year. I'm about to celebrate anniversary #13......they go quickly!

    xo Elizabeth

  2. Thank you so much - it was such a magical day! I am so happy I have a wonderful video and beautiful pictures to relive the day.

    The cool things we lit at the end of our reception are called, wish lanterns (http://shop.wishlantern.com/). They were soooooooo fun and made for a magical send off. They were also spotted by UFO watchers and were mistaken for UFOs - awesome! :)


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