The Four Seasons

I miss Texas, but it sure is nice to have four seasons. 

If only I had taken a better picture of this beautiful tree. Grrrr.

Blue Is The Color Of Dreams

One word -- amazing. Like something out of a movie.

Thank you Tiffany & Co for providing us all with beautiful things to dream about.


She Has Feet

...but she is resting. Sooooooo close, hurry up and dry so I can see how cute you are. I can't believe I am this excited for a tub, heaven help us whenever I have a baby.



Thank Goodness It's Jeans Day! It always makes work on Friday a little easier, especially when it's cool enough outside to wear my favorite boots.

I suppose I should also say thank you to Michael Kors for providing me with these lovely boots. Thank you MK. Who is your favorite boot cobbler?


In Love With a Lamp

I have made my first purchase at One Kings Lane and I have fallen in love...with a lamp!



The shower is nearly complete...

and this means it's almost time to put the tub in the Master. I can't wait to see her in her new home! After seeing a few bathrooms in the new Restoration Hardware catalog...

we made a last minute change and decided to go with white clawfeet. The saleswoman warned us that they would be hard to clean, I hope this will not be the case. We also found what we think is the perfect fixture.

She should arrive in her new home this week. :)


1st Home Accessory

I spotted this adorable S on one of my favorite home decorating blogs, Milk and Honey Home, and I couldn't wait to put it in the house. The boy loved it too.


Let There be Light

So exciting. Hopefully there will be more to come tomorrow...


Pulls, Knobs, and Floors...Oh My!

We stopped by the house this evening and we were happily surprised to see pulls and knobs in the kitchen...

Wood down in the master...

Our house is starting to look more and more like a home. This week is going to be a big one...tile, lighting, outdoor fireplace, and the gym. Just in time for Thanksgiving and we are ever so thankful.


Battle of the Light Bars

I have spent most of the week pleading my case to my better half and to our builder as to why I do not want light bars in the master bath. See below.

Who would have thought it would be so tough to convince a few guys about some lights? I used inspirational pictures from interior designer's websites, Restoration Hardware, Pottery Barn, etc.

Ooooooo... Ahhhhhhhh...  

BUT, nothing was getting through! Come on guys, I'm the one that really needs the light for makeup. Thanks to HGTV Design 101 I found some written explanation (AND a picture) as to why light bars are out and over-sized mirrors, sconces, and interesting fixtures are in. Woo hoo!

"Just by swapping out old light fixtures for decorative new sconces and a dramatic chandelier, and adding some accent lighting, you can update the personality, not to mention the functionality, of your bath."

Finally, I win! Sure hope I am right, or else I will never hear the end of it. How have you overcome the battle of the light bars in your bathrooms?


1st Big Decision

We have successfully made our 1st big decision - the tub! We went with the classic single-ended volcanic limestone claw footed tub. What a mouth full. Isn't she cute? She just needs the perfect fixture...

1st Time Nester AND Blogger

Nester: one that nests
Blogger: a person who keeps and updates a blog
...here we go :)
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