The shower is nearly complete...

and this means it's almost time to put the tub in the Master. I can't wait to see her in her new home! After seeing a few bathrooms in the new Restoration Hardware catalog...

we made a last minute change and decided to go with white clawfeet. The saleswoman warned us that they would be hard to clean, I hope this will not be the case. We also found what we think is the perfect fixture.

She should arrive in her new home this week. :)


  1. how exciting! i wish i was redoing my bathroom right now. that would be a fun christmas present. can't wait to see the copleted project(s)! xo

  2. First off I have to say, My Goodness you're adorable. I have some goodlookin' followers!!
    Secondly, wise decision going with the clawfoot. We have 2 and love! Not hard to keep clean.


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