Beat the Heat Golf Outfit

I have never really put too much thought into what I wear while outside except to make sure I have the following:
  - hat
  - sunscreen
  - sunglasses
  - light colors
Well, that was before the heat wave of 2011. We are currently at 2 weeks over 100 degrees and that's just the temperature! Heat index = insane.

I quickly figured out that I was not equipped to battle this heat on the driving range for much longer than 5 minutes in my cotton skirt and cotton sleeveless polo. Not only was I dying from the heat but I also felt like my skin was frying. 

I remembered that I had a long-sleeve Swing sun protection golf shirt with cooling technology.

Ooooooo, much better. :) I wore it the next time out and it felt great - but then I realized I needed more than 1 shirt and unfortunately these Swing shirts are no longer being made. The first shirt I ordered was the Intrepid Half Zip from Athleta. I had never ordered anything from there, but I like the Gap and Banana so I figured it was a safe bet.

Loved it! I was cool, protected from the sun AND cute - the ruching is a lovely touch of flair. Next up, I ordered the Cool Rules 1/2 Zip from Columbia. I had never ordered anything from them either, but they are a leader in outdoor gear so I figured it was an ok decision.

Heavenly!!!! :) There is some mesh on the front and back that allows for ventilation and it feels awesome! This is my new favorite shirt and I can't wait to get another one.

Of course, I needed some cooler feeling skirts too. The hubby won a golf tournament, so I used his winnings of pro shop credit to pick up a few Nike Tech Golf Skorts. A white, khaki, and black.

Wonderfully amazing! I thought I was in heaven with the Columbia shirt - combine the two and I can practice for hours in this heat! :) Then my mother-in-law surprised me with one more Nike skirt - with pleates!

Take that heat wave of 2011! :)

What are some of your favorites for beating the heat and staying protected from the sun?

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