A Settee for Me

The time has come for us to need two couches. Seems a little silly since we have only been married for two months but I am ready for a spot to call my own on these hot summer days. In our living room we currently have 1 couch and 2 club chairs from the Pottery Barn Manhattan Collection.

Absolutely love the set, but they are ironically from the Hubby's Manhattan apartment and the couch is a bit narrow for two people to lounge and enjoy a movie. We contemplated getting a second couch, but I didn't want to block our three sets of french doors that lead to the patio. Then I was cruising the sales at Williams-Sonoma and I saw this very familiar set up...

why didn't I think of a settee!? :) We ordered it in Espresso to match the couch - hopefully the upholstery goes well with the leather. She should arrive sometime today!

1 comment:

  1. I love the settee you've chosen! Love, love, love it!


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